Tomotaro Inoue/colorist

I strive to offer hair color designs that suit each individual guest’s personality and lifestyle, trying my best to understand the important essence that is often difficult for guests to explain. I would love to be a part of the creation of your own couture color style.

Kumiko Yoshinaga/stylist

My recommendations are based on diverse consultation, adjusted according to each and every guest. My strength is short hair styles with a soft image, taking advantage of your hair type, while taking into account any concerns you may have about your hair or face shape. I will try my best to become your greatest partner, not just a simple hair style provider.

Lala/toy poodle (♀) born July 10th, 201

Lala’s always in a great mood – and she’s a people-loving tomboy! Her hobbies: going for a walk, greeting guests, and seeing guests off.