The Present

“I would love to open a salon specialized in hair color, decorated with my favorite antiques.”
This was my initial impulse to start a subtle retreat salon in Aoyama, Tokyo.
At Iro., we believe healthy hair depends not only on your scalp conditions but also your diet, sleep, and above all, a comfortable lifestyle.
Using high-quality hair color, we customize just for you, to suit your hair type, personality, daily life, and “who” you want to be.
Our hair salon is a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere; white walls painted over and over again provide nuance; one-of-a-kind mirrors & lights, most from Europe, lighten the room.
And what we couldn’t find out there, we handcrafted on our own.
“Do what you love to do, surrounded by items you love” is Iro.’s fundamental way of thinking, with a motto to leave a trace of your hand when crafting.

For the Future

Our desire is to exist not only as a hair salon, but also to be a place for expression and communication, connecting “Nature and People”, “People and People”, and “People and the Society”.
While protecting the outstanding technique, inspiration, and spirit of the artists we work with, we wish to enhance their value even more.
We want to provide our guests with proposals that will make them say “This is what I want!”, not “This will do.”
A style that comfortably suits your everyday life is actually an ultimate luxury. Iro. is committed to provide the right techniques and products for you.
Iro.’s unchanging concept: “Not an abundance of anything – but a little of the best”
We are ready to accept new challenges and various changes so we can grow, while always remembering to have fun, be happy, and be excited!
Most of all, we want to become a salon that is like a second home to our guests, while continuously providing inspiration and joy.


Iro. is a couture salon that will design your hair color just for you.
“Beautiful hair color begins with beautiful hair”
For anyone who would like to experience highlights that give you a natural Caucasian hair color look.
We will provide you with what is best for your unique hair type, personality, and lifestyle, through hair coloring with a combination of organic products and the latest science.
We would enjoy going on a journey with you to help find a hair design just for you.